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Carl Hubert
Carl Hubert
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Carl Hubert
Age : 29
Gender : Male
Game Version : The Sims 4

Carl Hubert is a 29-year-old Sim who is the stepbrother of Cha Yeong-Cheol. They have different mothers and fathers, Their parents used to live together for 4 years before Cha was even born then they got divorced. Carl was raised by his grandmother since birth. Due to family conflicts, Carl and Cha never met until Carl was 25.

Growing up, Carl had a challenging childhood as he was raised by his grandmother who struggled to make ends meet. He little knew about his biological father and had minimal contact with his stepfather, who was often absent from his life.

Despite the challenges he faced, Carl always had a passion for cooking and spent most of his free time experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen. He dreamed of becoming a chef someday but never had the means to pursue his passion.

When Carl was 25 years old, he received a surprise message from Cha Yeong-Cheol, who had been searching for him for years. Cha explained that he was Carl's stepbrother and had been trying to reconnect with him.

Since then, Carl has been slowly getting to know Cha and their shared family history. He was overjoyed to learn that Cha enjoys cooking as a hobby, and often plays with his music band at the restaurant where Carl works. The two bonded over their love of food and music, and have become close friends.

With Carl's help and support, Cha has been able to improve his cooking skills and is now able to prepare delicious meals for himself and his friends. Meanwhile, Carl has finally been able to pursue his dream of becoming a chef and is now working at a popular restaurant in San Myshuno.

Despite their different backgrounds and experiences, Carl and Cha are now building a strong relationship as brothers. They both share a passion for food and music and are excited to see where their careers take them next.

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