This BTTB (Better Body) will only require when you using BTTB required content.


Gender : AM

Swatch : 1 Swatches

Texture Size : 2048 x 4096

HQ Support : Yes

Creator Support : Yes

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Older Version:
All version can be install together.
Term of Use

This CC is included in Creator Support content and it means this CC is allowed to make an edit but must include the link to original website.

Do not re-upload this CC to another website.
Do not claim it to your own.


23 thoughts on “BNX BTTB

  1. Hi! I wanted to let you know that my Sims 4 didn’t start because of this file (The top file) Spent hours searching. Finally I used “Mod conflict Detector” It said there was something wrong with the file?!. So I deleted it and The Sims 4 worked fine after that.

    1. Can you screenshot that mod which is conflict with BTTB please ? I’ll check.
      (You can direct message me on Tumblr)

      1. Sorry, but it was my own fault. I downloaded the Sims 3 lipstick, supposing it was a Sims 4 file. I’m so sorry..working fine now. I deleted the Sims 3 file ….Thanx four your beautiful preset!

    1. I maybe hard for me because BTTB have edit (remove/add) a lot of vertex while preset can’t add or removea ny single vertex. But I will think about it and I also plan to do a morph as well (They might have similar workflow, I think 🤔)

  2. BTTB now is not compatible with most of CC. If I make it as preset it can be compatible with all CC but BTTB will lost its details. I’m finding the way to make it more usable with other’s cc. 😭🙏

  3. Hello, BTTB is not working as default body, they are located in clothing categories that you can found in CAS.

  4. Hello there, BTTB bottom isn’t working and i can’t figure out why? can you help me about this please? thanks is advance.

  5. Best body ever!!!
    How can I download BTTB3 with ea bottom support? I can’t find it anywhere 😉

  6. You may want to check the file. If I use 7zip to open it both files EA top and bottoms are corrupted, they will not open in Sims4Studio and gives an error message. If I open the zip with WinRAR only the top EA one shows as corrupted and the bottom one opens in Sims4Studio without problems.

  7. Hmm… I wonder if there is a way to make it as a preset and also create a custom skin for it so it somewhat has it’s details.. idk. I have a default nude male top in my game that gives my men pecks with erected nipples lol and it works with every cc skin I have as well as clothing so hopefully there is a way for you to make it as a preset OR even a default override :/

    1. There’s so many limitation, I might need to learn some coding to make that concept be real. Anyway, next version of BTTB is coming soon with some improvement and also genetic. Keep in touch! <3

  8. Hello! First of all thanks for your CC, is amazing. I’m by no means an expert on CC, but I wanted to ask, is there any way to get rid of the grey area of the bottom part? I’ve changed a penis category to accesory to make it work with your body, and so far it combines well, but there’s that greyness that covers up that entire part, and tried everything including erasing that area from the texture, but it doesn’t seem to work, do you know any way? I would appreciate it very much, thanks in advance!!

    1. I don’t know how to do it, tbn.
      If anyone willing to do it please contact me. I’ll send you necessaries file and 100% supportive. 😂

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