Hi everyone, I’m here again.  I was plan to do a working/officer uniform since 4 month ago but I just start working on it seriously about 2 weeks. RDTW is shorted from ready to work and this is TIME CONSUMPTION! but result is really worth to me! this is what I want for my Boone and Kod, you may know they are simple salaryman and this just fit with them. I hope you guy enjoy with RDTW! thank you so much for downloading.


Swatch : 15

Gender : Men, Adult

Lod : Lod0 only

Texture Size : 2048 x 4096 (HQ mos compatible)

Polycount : 61,000 Polygon Face


(and Give me a piece of Croissant)


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4 thoughts on “BN RDTW

  1. This is amazing! Can we please have a sims 3 version? I’ve been looking for something like this for sims 3 for forever and I’d greatly appreciate it as I am sure others will.

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