HELLO everyone, I’m BANK42n here and very very appreciate to present you a indie(?) outfit that I finish. This BN take so longggg time process. It’s not because it is hard to do but I it’s about color and texture. At first I do a clean one just like what I have done with LNE, LTP and other and it look fine but not enough, yeah I got bored. I try varies of texture design and then! it end with this, POLYESTER (??) idk if I call it properly .  And STCH is Creator Support as well. I have included link for download every file that creator will need when do editing. Hope you enjoy. love


  • Gender : Men
  • Age : Adult, Older
  • Swatch : 14 Swatch, (Polyester 11 + Clean 3)
  • Lod : 0,1
  • Polygon : 8.7k
  • Creator Support : Yes 

Creator Support

  • Marvelpus Designer Project file
  • Raw obj file from MD (hi-res)
  • Remesh obj file from Zbrush (low-res)
  • PNG normal map file
  • PSD file for Recolor
  • Ambient Occlusion map





Term of Use (Creator Support)

  • Do not re-upload this CC to another website
  • Do not claim it to your own
  • This CC allow to edit and publish but alway give a credit to original post.

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