Hi, I’m BANK42n here. Today I finish some eyebrowsn to used with Kod because he very look like Boone. They have both skin, both eyes color , both eyebrows and they are Asian, it’s kinda confuse (Asian alway look like someone else withing 3-4 block in area hehe). This eyebrows is based from D.O. ( DO Kyung-soo ). I really into him when first time I saw him in theater (Along With the God) .  And I also want to share this with everyone. Hope you guy enjoy! <3


  • Swatch : 6 ( Black, Thin Black, Dark brown, Brown, Gold, White)
  • Gender : Men
  • Age : Adult
  • Texture Size : 2048 x 4096 (HQ Support)



4 thoughts on “BL ASD.O.

      1. i love your work so much really wow
        it would be nie if ou could do hairs too.
        i have share your website with lot of my friends and they love your work <3.

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