Hi everyone, Today I’m so proud to present you a new Photoshop action that can make your life so much easier!

I call it Quick Channel Mask, then you may question like ‘What is it? do I really need it?’ yah not everyone will really need it but some time you may need to save your time and annoying pen tool this action can help you. Just 20 second to di-cut your sim out of background.

Then .. how it work ? this action need some setup in game, you need to capture a set of screenshot which contain 3 screenshot with different background.

  • Grey background
    • You can set up whatever light you need to.
  • Red background
    • You must set up the light while focused on brightness of the backdrop, backdrop must be maximum bright like the picture below.
  • Green backdroud
    • Same as red background above.

QCHMSK action will detect different between Red and Green color and create a mask from it and apply masking on Grey picture.

* You need backdrop from *

What is different between V1 and V1H ?

  •  V1 have optimized for smoother edge but some detail like hair will be loose, But I still like this one.
  • V1H is not optimized for smoother edge, this action will preserve every detail on your image.





TS3 2018-04-07 18-16-44-37 color TS3 2018-04-07 18-20-41-50 GREEN LIGHT TS3 2018-04-07 18-20-41-50 WORNG GREEN LIGHT


TS3W 2017-12-25 18-59-17-29 Preview V1 TS3 2018-04-07 19-00-10-32 preview V1H

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