TS3W 2017-12-22 00-23-26-69 This may not suit with this cold weather but you can download this, then wear it again in April xD



Gender : Male

Age : YA / A

Body : ALL, Slim / Fit / Fat / Base

Lod(s) : ALL, H / M / L


I also include file for creators (again) such as

  • Hi-res OBJ file
  • MD garment file
  • Blender project file
  • Remeshed OBJ files
  • Normal Map
  • Masking Map
  • Other view of this short, so you can use it for reference
please let me know if you convert or edit this, or tagged #bank42n and I can found it by myself.
CompTS3W 2017-12-22 00-25-14-24 TS3W 2017-12-22 00-25-34-04 TS3W 2017-12-22 00-25-18-13

Thank you for downloading!

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