Hi xD.

You may wonder why I create new pant but same design? Oh I wondering ’bout myself too. jkd. Last few day I watching Sgt. Frog and I add Keroro cloth pattern to BC CHILL-OUT 1st version but I think the mesh is not good enough and start create new a mesh and boom! I finish this.

I have a lot moment that I disappointed with TSR Workshop and Milkshape.

1.I have 13,000 polygon face Milkshape and TSR Workshop ALWAY crash from it. but… I know it’s my fault.

2.TSR Workshop alway crash because ‘System.outofmemoryexception’ hellooooooo how about that 2gb ram left?????.I dont’ sure why I get this problem but nevermind.BTW I can finish my cloth.

3.because of above ,I can’t add CAS thumbnail . face-palm

BUT forget about it.I talking(type probably..)



Texture: 2048*2048 , Diffuse , Normal map

Style : 10 Style, 3 mask.

Polygon : 6k polygon face


(sh.st / SFS)


Please don’t re-upload my creation. just press share buttonm :]

If you want to re-texture or edit anything , please contact me .

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