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As long as I play The Sims 3 and start to take screenshot of my sims.I alway find the new way the get rid of very sharp edge and I aready found it for 1 year but that is very hard to do and slow. And this way will be the best way to get rid of sharp edge (if you wany yo save your time).If you have Hi-end graphic card you may not need it at all

It compatible with most of The Sims 3-4 screenshot.Good with portrait and maybe landscape.

It only effect with edge but may mistake sometime, you can control where it should effect by layer mask.


Type: Action (.atn)

Software: Photoshop

Incude 4 Action

-Anti-Aliasing V1 Median [for CC or Extended] Good for most image type

-Anti-Aliasing V2 Diffuse [All version] more blur for bigger image resolution

-Anti-Aliasing V2 Reduce Noise 1x[All version] Sharper result

-Anti-Aliasing V2 Reduce Noise 2x[All version] Sharp & best result (recommend)



(Anti-aliasing with Reduce noise method)


( / SFS)

Tested on Sims 4 by satangziie


Tested Sims 2 by rodreamiirodreamii

Tested on Sims 3 by lucius22

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