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Better BNX Better Boxer Brief
Better BNX Better Boxer Brief
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Game Version: The Sims 4
Gender: AM
Swatch: 2 Varies, 12 Swatch + 5 Level Translucent Map
Texture Size: 4096 x 8192 maxed at 2048 x 4096 in-game
HQ Support: Yes

File Included:

  • BNX BBRF by BANK42n.package

Normal version of BBRF.

  • BNX BBRF ER X by BANK42n.package

Erect version of BBRF

  • BNX BBRF Translucent Map by BANK42n.package

Translucent Map *Can be found as Tattoo in CAS*


  • V.1.1

Fixed uv_1 problem with around waist area.

Please make sure to remove old files before put version 1.1